E Paddle Fitting Instructions

We start will the OEM shift buttons & finish with the E Paddles 

Tools required

Flat head driver

T6 torx driver

Using the flat screw driver lever the switch housing away from the steering wheel

Move the switch housing away from the steering wheel , But do not pull the wiring as its clipped to the inside of the steering wheel .

Take your T6 torx driver & remove the two very small screws & put them some where very safe 

Using the flat driver lever the pivot pins away from the switch housing

To protect the paint on the E Paddle i have used a some plastic sheet.  Load the E Paddle the same way as the button came out  , Check to make sure your installing the correct hand (pointy end upwards)  

Push one of the pivot pins into the pivot hole & then work the other pin into the other hole ,Make sure the rear tag is in the rear slot


This E Paddle used is one of our 3D Printed prototype samples & the damage you can see on the threaded hole on our switch housing is from many installs , The PCB board only uses two of these threaded holes  

Re-install the PCB board & make sure you do not trap the wiring , Check the Paddle action before loading back into steering wheel  

Happy Paddling

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