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G Paddles Fitting Instructions


Tools required

Small flat screwdriver


The first step is to remove the OEM shift button , Move the steering wheel as close to you as possible ,

This will give you more room to work . The button housing is only clipped into the steering wheel, there are no screws or bolts to remove .  Using the flat screw driver or a small trim removing tool insert the blade into the nearest end of the housing & gently lever the housing away from the steering wheel .

 (take your time remember this could be the first time this housing has been removed from the steering wheel after leaving the factory)

When the housing is loose pull away from the steering wheel , but remember to take care not to pull too hard as it is connected with the wiring .  Gently pull the housing out as far as it will come , 


At this stage we have found you can use two different methods to remove the OEM shift button


Method 1

Warm up the black plastic housing with the hairdryer hot (a hot air gun is over kill for this ) this helps you remove the button from the black plastic housing . 

Taking the flat screwdriver lever one of the side walls around a pivot pin allowing the pin to be released from the pin hole in the black plastic housing  (take you time it will release the pin eventually) . Once one pin is released you can move it side ways to release the opposite pin & with a twisting movement the button should come out.


Method 2 

You could use a small saw blade & cut off one pivot pin (making sure you do not damage the black plastic housing) . 

We do prefer method 1 as you can take the car back to OEM at sometime in the future . 

The second stage is to install your new G Paddles , First thing to do is work out which G Paddle is the correct hand G Paddle ( pointy end upwards & fatter end downwards!) This makes sure you only have to install your G Paddles once .

Pushing the looped end through the switch housing ( make sure the small tag at the paddle end is located below the surface of the switch housing or the paddles will not work) . Locate one of the pivot pins into its pivot hole & by levering the opposite switch housing wall you should be able to locate the final pivot pin . 


When you are happy with the install & both G Paddles feel like they are working ( you should hear the clicking & feel the spring back ) .


Feed the wiring back into the steering wheel (make sure all the wiring is clear of the pocket for the switch housing) load the housing back into the steering wheel & click into place . 

Happy Paddling

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