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SP Paddle Fitting Instructions


Tools Required

Small flat screw driver


You can install your new SP Paddles without taking the button switch housing out of the steering wheel , First move the steering wheel as close to yourself as possible , This gives you more room to work . 


Insert a flat ended smooth screw driver (you could wrap some black tape around the flat of the driver to protect the trim) in-between the old button & the side wall of the outer housing to one side of the small pivot pin. By gentle levering the outer housing the button should come out easily.


To install your  new SP Paddle load one pivot pin into the pivot hole within the switch housing & then using the flat driver lever the opposite housing wall away from the SP Paddle just enough to let the pivot pin the enter the housing & then push with your finger until that pin goes into the final pivot hole

If you having problems with space around the steering wheel  . You can pop the switch housing out of the steering wheel ,It just clips into the wheel there are no screws or bolts to remove , you will have to use the flat screw driver or a flat rim removing tool & lever the longer edge of the housing away from the wheel . 


On the back of the switch housing your find a small torx screw that hold the pcb board onto the housing , Undo this screw & using the flat driver lever the pcb board away from the housing , This means you can come away from the car & swap the button over to your new SP Paddle at a work bench etc. Make sure you use the left pcb on the left hand side of the steering wheel , Your find a small 'L' on the back face to show you thats the left hand pcb.

Happy Paddling

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