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Switch Cover Installing


This easy to install upgrade , Takes the OEM steering wheel & adds alittle

G Paddle style with our Hydro dipped switch covers & Paddles


To begin the install you will require to loosen the two bolts that hold the air bag in place , You can complete this install without disconnecting  the car battery but make sure the keys are removed from the ignition .  Move the steering wheel as close to you as possible this will give you more room to work .  


Using a torx TXX loosen the two bolts , The bolts will stay within the steering wheel when undo .  Make sure you undoing the bolts & not trying to tighten them up as the bolt is pointing towards you 


If find it easier to do this install by removing the airbag from the car , Please only do this if you know what your doing  as you can bring up an SRS error code on your display & will require the STAR computer plugged in to remove this code.

I have removed this airbag only to create this instructions page. You DO NOT need to remove the airbag to complete this install 


First you need to remove the two groups of three screws ,This will release the pair of switch assemble . Do not pull the switch assembles away from the airbag unit as the are a small group of wires connected between them . You will find three small torx TXX screws holding the switch covers in place . 


When you remove the OEM switch cover be very careful as the four switches can fall out & are a bit of a pain to put back together .

Make you are using the correct hand & place the new cover in place make sure its installed correctly . Take you time . replace all the small torx screws , Try all the buttons before reinstalling on to the airbag .


We think the finished install is worth the time it takes , We are selling this upgrade as switch covers only or as a set with matching Paddles . other colours are avialable  

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