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The SP Paddle is designed for the non-AMG steering wheel of MB cars with the sport package option fitted. We can now give you the full AMG G-Paddle driving experience.


Please be aware - if you do not have a sports package on your steering wheel, you cannot fit these paddles.

It means no more up and down shifts on both sides of your steering wheel, you will have down shifts on the left hand SP Paddle and up shifts on the right hand SP Paddle (with out option 2 package - Please only attempt this if you are an qualified automotive engineer.)

Please see below for our package options with full details.

SP Paddles

Please choose what colour you want your Paddles;: Silver (default)
  • The SP Paddle will be available to purchase in two separate options;


    • Option 1;

     SP Paddle - Paddles only. -  £95.00

    You don't have to remove the airbag for this option - both paddles will shift gears both up and down. If you want to re-wire your steering wheel, option 2 includes e-instructions on re-wiring your switch housings.


    • Option 2;

    -  SP Paddle - Paddles and e-instructions (e-mailed you when we give you your tracking numbers).  - £105.00


    SP Paddle with e-instructions included on how to rewire the switch housing.  With the rewiring of the switch housing (options 2) you will have to remove your steering wheel airbag to unplug the old button assembly & by following the e-instructions rewire the switch housings (no cutting of wires required can also but put back to factory set up ) load your new SP Paddles to the switch housings & reinstall assembly to your steering wheel


     Removal of your airbag at your own risk. Please DO NOT attempt this unless your are a qualified automotive engineer.

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